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Help me sit-up to prostate cancer!

Every day, 45 Aussie men are diagnosed with prostate cancer.

That’s why I’m sitting up to take action so that the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia can research better treatment and provide support to men diagnosed with prostate cancer.

I’ll be taking action by doing 45 sit-ups a day every day during Men’s Health Week, June 14-20, to raise money that will help reduce the impact of prostate cancer on Aussie men and their families.

Please support me by making a tax-deductible donation to the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia.

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My Updates

And it’s done!

Thursday 24th Jun
Yep, I made it without tearing a muscle so that’s a good thing. Over $1100 raised for PCFA - thank everyone!

Day 6 - It’s Saturday and it keeps going!

Saturday 19th Jun
Yep, Saturday morning and the 45 sit-ups continue, just like 45 men keep getting diagnosed every day. 

Day 5 - more under the belt!

Friday 18th Jun
Oops! Yesterday should have been posted as Day 4, not Day 3. Trust me - I’ve been getting them done!

Lots of extras today because we mixed them into my PT session with Ethan. 

Day 3 and I’m still alive

Thursday 17th Jun
More sit-ups today, blended into my weights session at the gym. I’m sure there are some abs in there somewhere 

More under the belt!

Tuesday 15th Jun
We incorporated sit-ups into my training session today with Ethan, so six sets of 12 later, plus some spares, and today’s bunch were done!

Day 1

Monday 14th Jun
Off to the gym to do my sit-ups for prostate cancer, and then a few squats. Part of my recovery and ongoing health management has been to get back to the gym and stay active. Simple but effective!

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John Mcwilliam

Well done, David.


Ron Parker

Well done David, keep 45 for next coffee morning. 👻


Roger Carthey

Hey Dave keep up the good work. I think I'll hold off till next year for this one. Cheers


Greg Mcroberts

Well done Dave in supporting a great cause


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Carmel Thompson

This made me sit up on a rainy morning - go for it David!


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Matched by New Holland


Clem Jones

Thanks for taking the challenge. Happy to accept your word that you did it rather than you displaying your ABs as proof.


Ethan Garbutt

Keep up them situps young fella


Julie Pert

Well done David.


Debbie King


Patricia Vincent


Sandy Mcinerney



David Newman